Junior Associate

Alexandre practices corporate law, international business law, private international law, criminal business law as well as civil law and commercial law.

He holds a Bachelor of Private Law, and a Master degree in Economic Law, a Master 1 degree of International Business Law from the University of Aix-en-Provence, as well as a Master 2 degree of International Arbitration and Business Law from the University of Versailles.

Alexandre holds a LL.M. from the Louisiana State University (Bâton-Rouge). In the United-States he had the opportunity to work for a Judge of the Civil Court of Louisiana, as well as for a Judge of the Federal Court of Louisiana.

He works both in French and English, and can speak Italian, Spanish, and Polish.

Fields of expertise

International Business Law, commercial law, civil law, international private law, criminal business law, international arbitration law and mediation.


Phone : +377 92 16 16 17 (switchboard)

Mail : a.alsuleiman@gardetto.mc

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